An Efficient & Versatile Car Rental Service Provider in Bangladesh

MASUD ENTERPRISE had been lunched as a car rental service provider at 2000 with some of prominent companies of Bangladesh. Now a day’sits giant competitor of this sector specially service provider to corporate companies.


Car rentals are what MASUD ENTERPRISE is all about. 17+years, throughout our enterprise, car rental has been our number one commitment, making us a first choice for customers among rental car companies for all their car rental needs. Whenever you want to rent a car, or learn about leasing in general, and whether you are looking for reasonable rental cars or something else, you will find that we have the best selection of rental cars in the business. If you are looking for reasonable cars with best quality service, don’t think others just contact us for great deals.


MASUD ENTERPRISE has a very long standing relationship with the motor-trade industry in Bangladesh. We aim to achieve the highest standards and provide the most efficient and professional service to our valued clients.


MASUD ENTERPRISE is not just a regular business venture which is actually a promoter of good transportation. Its aim is not just to be a corporate powerhouse but a harbinger of better living standards by providing & satisfying the need and requirements of human transportation in this decaying planet. At present, ME has expanded to different business sectors in Bangladesh. Now it’s working with full enthusiasm in the areas like; transport, Garments and so on.


We believe our customers must be benefited, i.e. the company is committed to be developed as a Customer Focused Organization. So, surveying the interest of valued customers is its utmost priority, the company has developed an extremely qualified support staffs to meet the expectations and ensure the customers satisfaction. Employees work as a team in every sense of the word. Moreover, our employees, customers, investors always work as a “one family team” to make our vision true and successful.


Company’s professional agents and brokers work with their high ranking support staffs always stay on top of the market and provide prompt, quality services to the clients. The company is continuously creating and developing business environment both at home and abroad.


MASUD ENTERPRISE is committed to creating a large pool of satisfied customers by providing the highest level of service value, trust and goodwill. With the span of time ME has transformed itself as a well structured multi dimensional business organization where a large pool of experienced and successful professionals from home of different industry background are now working to fulfill customers expectations.