Terms & Conditions:

  1. The agreement is monthly basis and made for 1 year. From the date of singing and no discontinuation in this rental period. If any discontinuation is required in the agreement period from SECOND PARTY (Hirer), in that case first party will pay the rental amount for the rest period of time.
  1. Delivery lead-time is applicable from the date of obtaining the singing of service agreement.


  1. 26 Days deemed to be 1 month. And Driver’s   working  day  is  6 days  a  week and 10  hours  a  day, with  lunch  break  of  50 minutes/day. Beyond 10 hours/day – Driver’s overtime will be charged @   per hour. Friday and any Govt. holiday is off service day. If duty is on Friday than it should be add Daily basis rental charge Tk. @ and after 10 hours overtime for driver.
  1. As the contract is “with driver”, so client is NOT ALLOWED to drive ‘MASUD ENTERPRISE’ vehicle.


  1. Vehicle wise LOG SHEET to be singed on a regular basis by the user and the same will work as basis of Monthly Invoice.
  1. FIRST PARTY (Supplier) shall submit the invoice / bill within 5 (Five) working days of following each month will supporting log sheets duly signed by the users and will clearly mention the details of rental rates and other charges as per contract.


  1. Bill will be paid by the SECOND PARTY by 07 (Seven) working days from the date of submission of the bill / invoice by the FIRST PARTY.
  1. Due to any important reason the first party can cancel this agreement by before 1 month notice. The second party can do the same.


  1. The first party will be fully responsible for carrying any illegal goods during the duty period of the vehicle.
  1. During general strike (Hartal), Road Blocked or political movements days. (Unable to Comply Services)


  1. FIRST PARTY will provide VAT challan and SECOND PARTY will pay the VAT @ as rules on rental value. All receivables of the FIRST PARTY are net, off VAT.
  1. The payment shall be made by Cash or Account payee cheque in favor of ‘MASUD ENTERPRISE


We hope you would find ‘MASUD ENTERPRISE’ rental offer to be the best, never the less we are ready to discuss over any terms mentioned here above. Please feel free to call at 029846170, +8801911-344574, +8801744-264374 for any queries and concern and we also look forward to sit with you to discuss in details on the above at your convenient time.

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